Wednesday, 1 March 2017

chapitre le lul

Think I've really done it. I wasted my life playing video games. Too stressed? Confused? Scared? Influenced by peers most likely. I dont know but I've thrown away too much time, money, dedication and energy on video games. . I'm not even rich but I'm buying all these games.

What an idiot.

I even ignored my parents. They love me so much. They are not giving up on me but I am uncertain, unfocused and just have no idea how I see myself in the next ten years or so.

And I'm still comparing myself to everyone else.


Is video game even the real reason? Am I wrong? Am I not trying hard enough? I have to die?

Friday, 24 April 2015

How do we fix Unity 5?

Unity has been a great platform to create 3D content, let it be a simulation program or a game. Unity engine has reached its fifth iteration and tinkering with it so far it looks like there will be a Unity 6. There are some things in Unity 5 that suffers from its previous iteration which should have been fixed in the current version.

First, mapping rig point to a  model still requires manual rigging. In other words, there is still no automatic rigging in Unity 5. It is 2015. Automatic rigging on simple models should have been possible by now. Furthermore, Github user ***** already made his automatic rigging algorithm open-sourced for programmers. Surely unity could easily integrate the algorithm into Unity engine.

Second of all, the Unity Store feels and works outdated. When downloading a tool or a scene from the store, you have to click multiple buttons and yet sometimes the download does not start. Furthermore, the download speed is abysmal. This is a problem to beginners who always need assets from the store for practice.

Third, plane tilting affects everything. Sometimes, you only want certain aspects to be affected when modifying or tilting a plane. However, Unity cannot handle it properly, resulting in errors or unwanted contrast difference or tilted light origin unexpectedly. This greatly affects high level users. One way to handle this situation is to use integrate everything into a single object during plane tilting. This may hog RAM, but it might be the best way to handle such simple menace.

Unity 5 is great overall, needs to fix some issues and it will be the best open-sourced engine out there.


Is the purpose of blogging to write a diary? Is it to generate enough views to finally have Google adsense and make side income? What topic should I be covering? Lifestyle? Parents? Family? Food? Games? Activities? Socializing? Internet culture?


 L O L

Valve introduces Paid Mods. Bad move.

Up until now, everyone always anticipates any update from Valve with a smile. Unfortunately, today is different. Today, Valve introduces paid mods for Steam games, starting with Skyrim. You want to download a mod, you pay for the service. 

This is a bad move by Valve as game modding is supposed to be a fun and creative ways for users to alter the content of a game to increase the fun value of a game, making it more pleasent to play the game by adjusting it to user's content. 

Introducing payment option just destroys the value in modding. Instead of creating mods for fun or creativity, it will influence modders to making money focused on money-making value instead of quality or creativity value.

It's not even a day yet since update and many people have criticized Valve's new policy. Please Valve let the existing paid mods be the last ones there are.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 - a threat to Iphone 5S

In smartphone os wars, normal consumers and gadget enthusiasts often pair up android and ios as rivals. However, when it comes to smartphone branding wars, it is always Samsung Galaxy series vs Apple Iphone series. With both smartphones excelling in everything they're made to do, the smartphones which gives the best first impression will be a deciding factor for a normal consumer.

Galaxy S5 definitely wins the 'best first impression' award.

The official introduction video of Samsung Galaxy S5 is just beautiful, well-designed and looks professional. From the first second until the last, it clearly points out every feature it states. The innovation put into the flagship smartphone stands the Galaxy S5 out from other competitors, most known innovation is the heart pressure scanner. You have to see the official introduction video if you haven't done so.

Letting go of the past, improving yourself, moving on

It has been two years since I left UTM, three years since I started college life, and four years since I took SPM. After I left UTM I am not a very jolly person. I am very depressed to leave a public university, leaving my friends and achievements behind. The worst thing is I chose to study at MMU, an expensive private university, with expensive living expense. My parents suggested this but we never examined how much the fees are, and I was clueless at the moment due to depression. Since MARA suspended my tuition fee loan , father paid all the money, borrowing money from my sister. I am sad and very unproud of myself. If I talked to the deans of UTM, didn't care that much about not-so-bad CGPA at UTM, I could've continued IT program at UTM. Maybe if I made the right decision, I might have not feeling depressed and actually want to continue studying. But all is past.

Everyone moves one.

While I'm stuck in nowherestate, my friends move on. They participated in various activities, making themselves and their parents proud. They study overseas, doing this and that, posting happy statuses on facebook etc etc.

I'm jealous.
I want to be jolly again.

I'm sad.
They move on, continuing their lives, leaving whatever in the past behind.

I'm happy.
They move on. My friends move on.
At least they're not me. I am not a person that everyone remembers, but I'm happy to know them, to watch them grow, to know they didn't stumble in life like me.

I currently still am in a stumbled state. I will stand up. It's hard, but I won't give in to depression. I will study, but not for the same reason I studied for like 11 years, for SPM, because parents say so. No. Just to get a job. Have some money. Help people when I can. Participate in IT development. Whatever I can do.

I will do what I can to be a 'pendakwah', because that is the purpose I'm here.